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Andy Warhol Appraisal Services

For those with an Andy Warhol artwork that needs to be appraised or authenticated the process can be a daunting task. Huge auction prices and a panoply of fakes has made this process unnecessarily difficult for the average person. An Andy Warhol appraisal can often be done in a matter of days with little or […]

Joseph Anton von Prenner: The Witches Sabbath Print

A group of old, haglike women crowd around a steaming cauldron. The smoke rises up in a thick plume, enveloping several figures, who are flying away from the crowd, clearly intent on wreaking havoc. The crowd below revels, brandishing brooms, consulting grimoires, and even riding a skeleton. This image, which comes to us in Joseph […]

William Scott

William Scott was born in Scotland in 1913. He shortly afterward moved to Northern Ireland with his family, where he began his artistic education with Kathleen Bridle, a local art teacher. He went on to study at the Belfast School of Art, and then later at the Royal Academy in London, where he initially studied […]

Walasse Ting

Today in 1967 A.D. In our time life more comfortable and complicated People more busy and nervous More money and more war Everybody want more and more expensive living If you talk about nature, she running into flower shop or go to country for weekend If anybody melancholy please take an aspirin A poem is […]

Margaret Roper

Margaret Roper (1505-1544) was the eldest and favorite daughter of Sir Thomas More. Extremely well educated for a woman of her time, she was particularly well-known for her knowledge of Latin and Greek. Her translation into English of Precatio Dominica by the Dutch humanist Desiderius Erasmus, a close family friend, was one of the earliest […]

Le Pho

Have a Le Pho?  Call us for a free estimate of auction value:  (612) 440 – 6985   Le Pho was born in Vietnam in 1907. As a child, he was constantly finding opportunities to make art. As the son of the Viceroy of Tonkin, he had the opportunity to study art at the newly […]

Hisao Domoto

Hisao Domoto was born in Kyoto to a family of artists. His uncle, Insho Domoto, was a well-respected member of the Japanese art scene, known for his works in the traditional Japanese Nihonga style, particularly his temple screens. Domoto began his art education by studying Nihonga painting at the Kyoto Municipal School of Arts and […]

Gustave Baumann

Gustave Baumann was born in Germany in 1881. He immigrated to the United States with his family at the age of ten, ending up in Chicago. In Chicago, he apprenticed at an engraving company while studying at the Art Institute of Chicago by night. Following his studies, he began to work in advertising, opening his […]

Edward Steichen

Edward Steichen was one of the fathers of American photography, both artistic and commercial. Born in Luxembourg, Steichen’s family immigrated to the United States when he was two years old. Eventually, the family ended up in Milwaukee, where the young Steichen was an apprentice with a lithographic firm. He soon turned his interests to painting […]

Édouard Detaille

Édouard Detaille is known as one of the greatest French military painters. His paintings possess the heroic, romantic spirit favored by his contemporaries, but are also known for their accuracy and detail, aided by both his artistic training and his actual military experience. Born in Paris in 1848, Detaille showed an early talent for art. […]