Native American Objects Ethics Statement

At Revere Auctions, we are committed to selling Native American art in an ethical and transparent way. We are aware that there are many Native American items on the secondary market that are there against both the wishes and the deeply held beliefs of the cultures to whom they belong. Some things which are perceived as artworks are in fact items of immense religious and cultural significance, never intended to be sold.

In addition, many Native American objects on the market have come to it through exploitation and outright theft. We would like to state our commitment to working with Native American groups to handle culturally sensitive items the most ethical manner possible, including efforts towards the repatriation of objects.

We work hard to educate our consignors about about works of art and works of cultural significance. In a market that, through its history, has been defined by auction houses disregarding the concerns of Native American peoples, we strive to be leaders in forming a precedent for ethical practices. We are dedicated to fostering dialogue and opening lines of communication with an eye to developing a market that is respectful and ethical for everyone involved.

We would like to invite all people of tribal heritage to join us in this conversation, and encourage you to please reach out to us with any thoughts or concerns you may have.