Lot 114: Group of Fine Qing Chinese Jades and Silver Objects


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Group of objects, comprised of two serpentine spoons; one Chinese textile, embroidered with gold-wrapped thread; one spinach jade tray; one beaded jade necklace; one spoon made of a jade hairpin; one carved wooden stand; one jade and silver tea strainer; one set of Straits Chinese silver salt and pepper containers with an English-made silver spoon.

Dimensions: Heights range from 1/4 in to 2 in; widths range from 2 in to 8 in; depths range from 1 1/4 in to 6 in. String of beads measures 12 in. Embroidery measures 11 in x 8 in,

Condition: Good condition; some tarnish to silver pieces; one serpentine spoon has a chip.

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