Lot 156: Korean Inlaid Celadon Maebyong Vase with early Japanese Repair – Goryeo dynasty (918-1392)


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Very fine stoneware maebyong vase that is evenly proportioned with high rounded shoulders rising from a cylindrical stem, everted mouth and well decorated with inlaid willows, cranes, bamboo, and trees. One side decorated with a stunning willow tree. The vase features a bright green celadon glaze. An excellent example of the classic trophy of early Korean Ceramics. This one was purchased by a prominent Minnesota family in Japan in the 1930s. It was repaired with gold lacquer around the rim in Japan, a laborious process that shows its great value to the collector at the time. Keywords: Maebyeong, Koryo, Asian, Ceramic

Condition: Lacquer repair to rim of vase. Numerous small abrasions

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