Lot 176: 6 Ceramic Pre-Columbian Peruvian Figural Vessels


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Six ceramic Pre-Columbian figural vessels from regions in Peru, including: one Chimu-Inca vessel (900-1470 C.E.); one Chancay vase (1000-1476 C.E.); one Moche Blackware jar (post-classic 900-1521); one Huari human face vessel (600-800 C.E.); one Vicus female figure vessel (100 B.C.E.- 200 C.E.); and one Inca Coquero portrait vessel (1100-1300 C.E.).

Provenance: Chimu-Inca vessel purchased by Fernandez Leventhal Gallery, NY from Arte Primitivo Auction in June 2000. Purchased by current owner from Fernandez Leventhal Gallery in August 2000. Chancay vase originally uncovered by Huaqueros near Huarai, Peru; purchased by current owner from E. & L. Emond, Eastman QC, Canada. Blackware jar excavated by Dr. Javier Chiappo from the northern coastal region of Peru, centered around Huaca de la Sol; purchased by current owner from Dr. William Harling from Melbourne, FL, in 2000. Huari vessel purchased by Emmerich Frankel, Switzerland; Ernesto Ledermann, Switzerland; Nora Sermier & Ernesto Lederman Schwarz, Chiasso, Switzerland; purchased by current owner from Art Primitivo auction in 2002. Vicus vessel in Dr. Robert E. Rothenberg Collection, NYC prior to 1971; purchased by current owner from Arte Primitivo auction in 2002.

Dimensions: Chima-Inca; height: 7 1/2 in x width: 4 in x depth: 5 1/2 in. Chancay; height: 7 3/4 in x diameter: 5 1/4 in. Moche; height: 9 in x diameter: 7 in. Huari; height: 7 3/4 in. x diameter: 8 in. Vicus; height: 9 in x width: 5 1/2 in x depth: 8 1/2 in. Inca; height: 8 3/4 in. x diameter: 5 1/2 in.

Condition: Wear consistent with age.

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