Lot 182: 7 Small Pre-Columbian Ceramics


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Seven small Pre-Columbian ceramic items, including: one Toltec beaker (600-1200 C.E.); one Nicoya effigy vessel (800-1200 C.E.); one Jalisco turtle vessel (c. 100 C.E.); one Cocle Fruiteria miniature (date unknown); one Tarascan tripod (1100-1500 C.E.); one Tairona pedestal bowl (100-900 C.E.); and one Chiriqui tripod bowl (500-1500 C.E.).

Provenance: Toltec beaker excavated by Allen Heflin between 1951-1961 and held in Allen Heflin Collection, Kansas City MO until purchased by Mary Ann K. & Hank Johnson, HD Enterprises, Denver, CO, in 1997; purchased by current owner from Mary Ann K. & Hank Johnson in 2001. Nicoya effigy vessel purchased by current owner from Axel Traugott, Sagamore Beach, MA. Jalisco Turtle purchased by current owner from Walter Knox of Fort Knox Antiquities, Scottsdale, AZ. Cocle Fruiteria purchased by current owner from Axel Traugott, Sagamore Beach, MA, in 2001.

Dimensions: Heights range from 3/4 in to 4 1/4 in. Diameters range from 2 in to 6 in.

Condition: Wear consistent with age.

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