Community Benefit Auction 2021

Revere Auctions is pleased to announce the first annual Community Benefit  Auction on Saturday, May 22, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. CDT. The auction will support Twin Cities communities  affected by social injustice and the coronavirus pandemic. All proceeds from the auction will go to local organizations selected by our donors, including the following nonprofit organizations: African American Leadership Forum, Black Table Arts, Headwaters Foundation for Justice, Hmong Museum,  Juxtaposition Arts, MIGIZI, Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery, and Northside Funders,  Youth Farm, and YouthLink.

MPLSART Sketchbook Project 2020 Sketchbook B, Hend Al-Mansour, offered in Community Benefit Auction

This auction will include the sketchbooks from the 2020 MPLSART Sketchbook Project, created by local artists reflecting their experiences over the past year. The proceeds from these sketchbooks will directly support the artists. You can learn more about the MPLSART Sketchbook Project on their website.

Frank Big Bear, Shaman (with snake on his nose), offered in Community Benefit Auction

Other highlights of the auction include works by notable Minnesota artists Frank Big Bear, Edward Brewer, George Morrison, Alec Soth, as well as work by internationally acclaimed artists Pablo Picasso and Robert  Rauschenberg.

The organizations benefited:

MIGIZI is a Minneapolis-based organization that empowers Indigenous youth through their programs, which include academic support, career pathways programs, and First Person Productions, a media group which allows Native American youth to tell their own stories while learning media skills. Learn more about MIGIZI on their website.  

The Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery celebrates and tells the stories of African American Minnesotans both past and present through exhibits of historical material and exhibitions of the work of contemporary artists.  You can learn more about the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery on their website

Juxtaposition Arts is a youth-led arts organization in North Minneapolis that provides training and employment for local young artists, providing opportunities for self expression and education. You can learn more about Juxtaposition Arts on their website

Northside Funders Group helps coordinate donations to uplift the community of North Minneapolis by lining up investors with projects that promote racial equity and create social, educational and economic opportunities in the community. Learn more about Northside Funders on their website

Black Table Arts uses the arts to gather and support the Black community in Minneapolis. Their initiatives include a bookstore, studio space, and performance space, with which they foster local artists and strengthen the community. Learn more about Black Table Arts on their website

The African American Leadership Forum seeks to empower Black Minnesotans by connecting Black leaders who are working to address the disparities and challenges facing the Black community. They hold gatherings, workshops, and forums to bring leaders together, as well as working to educate and empower the next generation of Black leaders in Minnesota. Learn more about the African American Leadership Forum on their website

Headwaters Foundation for Justice uses grantmaking programs to support grassroots organizations working for social change  throughout Minnesota, focusing on groups that are led by BIPOC. Learn more about the Headwaters Foundation for Justice on their website

YouthLink is a Minneapolis-based organization that supports homeless youth toward self-reliance. They help people access food and shelter, as well as physical and mental health resources and job training. They host the Youth Opportunity Center, a collaborative group of agencies that work to provide services to young people experiencing homelessness. You can learn more about YouthLink on their website

The Hmong Museum seeks to create broader awareness of the Hmong experience by creating exhibits focusing on Hmong history, culture, and art. They focus on hands-on experiences that allow Hmong people to share their own stories. You can learn more about the Hmong Museum on their website

Youth Farm uses farming and the growing of food as a way to fight food insecurity and engage youth in North Minneapolis and the Frogtown and West Side neighborhoods of St. Paul. Through their programs, Youth Farm teaches youth about the growth, distribution, and use of food, as well as fostering community engagement and leadership. Learn more about Youth Farm on their website

We at Revere Auctions are excited to give back to our Twin Cities community during what has been a difficult time for its artists and its most vulnerable members.