Revere Auctions offers several different ways for you to bid at our auctions. We want to make the bidding process as easy and seamless as possible. All of these options are bound to our terms of sale.

Bid in Person

Our auctions are free and open to the general public, and we recommend experiencing the excitement and energy that they generate in person. You can register onsite and you will receive a bidding paddle to bid at our sale. Our auctions take place in our St. Paul showroom and there is no obligation to bid or stay for the whole sale. We offer our guests refreshments and entertainment and they are a great way to see a wide array of wonderful objects!

Registration Form
If you are unable to register in person, please fill out a registration form HERE.

Bid by Telephone

If you would like to have one of our staff call you when your interested lot comes up for sale you can either give us a call to setup a phone bid or fill one out HERE. We typically sell 60-80 lots per hour and will call you around 5-10 minutes before your item comes up.

Bid Absentee

If you are unable to attend one of our sales another option for you to bid is by absentee. An absentee bid allows you to bid your highest price and gives the auctioneer permission to bid for you up to that amount against the competition. We always give preference to floor bidders in the event of a tie. You can call or fill out an absentee bid form HERE.

Bid Online

Our auctions are available for online bidding on our website. We also typically list our auctions on,, and to allow people to bid online. The buyers premium and terms and conditions of sale may differ from bidding directly with Revere Auctions.

Shipping Release Form

You may need to fill a release form to authorize us to release property to an approved agent. The form is available HERE.