• June 23, 2018
    New local auction house is changing the way Minnesotans buy and sell art
    Star TribuneMinnesota has a new player to compete with high-flying auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Revere Auctions claims to be the first such company in the Twin Cities that specializes in the sale of fine art.The auction house has been welcomed by local art connoisseurs, who say it provides new opportunities for collectors here, while helping to keep Minnesota-owned treasures from leaving the state.

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  • June 21, 2018
    Revere Auctions provides a new — and surprisingly affordable — marketplace for art collectors
    City PagesWhen Asian art specialist Sean Blanchet moved to Minnesota five years ago, he noticed that all the high-level fine art was being shipped out of town to be sold.Thanks to Blanchet, along with painting and sculpture specialist Robert Snell, Minneapolis has a new fine art auction house. It’s called Revere Auctions, and is located in the International Market Square. They held their first auction there in March.

    If an art auction sounds out of your league, think again.

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  • June 19, 2018
    Minnesota’s First Fine Arts Auction House
    Minnesota MonthlyLast year, Sean Blanchet and Robert Snell met at the Minnesota Antiques Dealers Association’s Antiques and Decorative Arts Show. This year, they came back, young kids in tow, and set up a huge booth together under the name Revere Auctions. They brought some contemporary paintings to show, but those paintings were just part of the wide variety of items on display—and with this duo, their expertise diversity is something they want to emphasize.Read more
  • June 14, 2018
    Minnesota’s First Fine Art Auction House Finds an Eager Market
    Midwest HomeFive years ago, Robert Snell opened Hiro Fine Art Gallery in International Market Square. The gallery focused on work by historic Minnesota artists—championing such luminaries as Alexis Fournier, George Morrison, and Cameron Booth. Snell also represented many Twin Cities’ collectors. Over time, he found himself handling more clients and even auctioning their art holdings, which included works from ancient to modern and from countries around the world. He also began to recognize an opportunity.Read more
  • June 7, 2018
    Minnesota’s first-ever fine art auction house opens
    Minneapolis/St. Paul Business JournalA venture claiming to be Minnesota’s first fine art auction house opened in International Market Square west of downtown Minneapolis in late March.The auction house, Revere Auctions, was co-founded by Robert Snell, 36, and Sean Blanchet, 34. Snell owns St. Paul’s Hiro Fine Art Gallery and Blanchet has previous experience in auction houses. On June 23, the house will host its third auction, focused on Native American and decorative art.

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  • May 9, 2018
    Revere Auctions becomes first U.S. Auction House to Accept Cryptocurrency
    Minneapolis/St. Paul Business JournalRevere Auctions, a world-class fine-arts auction house known for their digital savvy and diverse range of local, national, and international clientele, will become the first U.S. based auction house to accept Bitcoin for their upcoming auctions on Saturday May 12th. The move to accept cryptocurrency is in part a reaction to the growing fine-arts repatriation movement from Asian bidders and will feature predominantly Chinese, Japanese, and Middle Eastern art. In China alone, a total of 280,080 fine art pieces sold for $5.1 billion were put up for auction in 2017, which is also an increase of +5.44%.Read more


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