For those with an Andy Warhol artwork that needs to be appraised or authenticated the process can be a daunting task. Huge auction prices and a panoply of fakes has made this process unnecessarily difficult for the average person. An Andy Warhol appraisal can often be done in a matter of days with little or no effort on the part of the owner. Usually we can come visit you or you can visit us with your artwork in a few days time. Whether its a small flower painting or a full suite of Warhol Marlyn Prints we are ready. 

Warhol Appraisal Services:

  • Insurance or Replacement Values
  • Museum Donation Valuations and Appraisals 
  • Free Estimate of Auction Values
  • Estate Planning Value Appraisal 
  • Authenticity consultation
  • Provence Research 

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By getting in touch you are obligated to nothing, we often can be quite helpful for free in a few minutes over the phone. 

Andy Warhol values are driven by several factors all of which are taken into account when we execute you appraisal.  Warhols work can be divided into three groups, photograph, prints and original unique artworks. Andy Warhols photographs tend to be the least valuable mostly for the very large numbers of them and their distance from his iconic style. His prints are the bulk of the works for sale on the market and those values are influenced by the subject matter. The Marilyn Monroe print suite is one of the most desirable of his print subjects, other topics are less well know and followed, such are works that deal with the soviet union. Any Warhol works involving the USSR often appraise at half of other print subjects. Many of these prints were sold in Minneapolis Minnesota through by Gordon Locksley of Locksley Shea Gallery and Daytons Gallery 12. Helping with the appraisal, restoration and possible sale of these works is our speciality. The last group of works are the original and unique works such as his small flower paintings. These tend to command the highest prices. 

Once broken down into one of these groups the appraisal gets into preferences shown by collectors in the past year, provenance research, and  of course authenticity.