Restoration and Conservation Services


Revere Auctions has years of experience assessing the condition of paintings, prints, sculpture, and antiques. We have developed relationships with the finest conservators in the world to ensure your objects are properly conserved, and we will oversee the entire process. Whether you would like to sell your object or keep it, let us help you determine whether conservation is the right process for you

Our Process

Our fine art conservation process begins with a complimentary condition assessment consultation. We will discuss the process with you and help you understand the pros and cons of getting your object restored. If you decide to go through with the conservation, the object will be professionally tested and analyzed by our conservationist and you will receive a proposal outlining the treatment options and cost.


When the conservation of your object is completed, we will notify you. We take the integrity of each artwork seriously and always look for ways to restore artworks in the most non-invasive manner to ensure they will retain their maximum value.

For more information about the art restoration and conservation services we offer in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, contact us.