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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What tips do you have for submitting items for evaluation?

    In order for us to accurately assess your item(s), we need to know who made it. It is important to send us detailed images of any visible artist signatures, inscriptions, or manufacturer trademarks, in addition to pictures of the front and back of the item. Any information you can share about size, provenance, or authenticity documentation will also help us evaluate your item faster.

    Can someone look at the items in person?

    Yes! In person appointments can be scheduled at our offices or on-site at your home. We still like to get an idea of what you have before making appointments to ensure we can help you sell your collection.

    Note: If your collection/estate is too large to photograph each item, please send a few general images so we can get a sense of what you may have.

    Can I submit multiple items?

    Yes, send images of all your items. If the collection is too large to take pictures of each individual item, please send images of the collection in its totality to get the ball rolling.

    How should I have an estate evaluated?

    Estates are best evaluated in a two step process; first send us images of the home or collection, then schedule an in person visit.

    I’m an artist. Can I submit items for consignment?

    Yes, but it is largely based on how your items have sold in the past at auction. If they have not sold at auction, this will likely not be a preferred method of sale. Auction buyers are not impulse buyers, but are focused on keyword driven buying, so if they are not actively looking for your work, they are unlikely to bid on your work.

    Have an estate or corporate collection?

    We provide comprehensive support to private clients, lawyers, bankers, advisors, family offices, and insurance brokers throughout the process

    Need Assistance?

    You can also call, text, or email to schedule an appointment with us to get your free auction estimate.