Corporate Services

Revere Auctions has helped many corporate clients, including several Fortune 500 companies, liquidate existing fine art collections during renovations and reorganizations. This typically starts with a complimentary walk-through assessment of the collection followed by a formal auction appraisal. Revere handles all aspects of the appraisal, removal, and liquidation process. By offering a proposal for the selling of the collection in addition to providing both the transportation and packaging of the collection’s items, Revere greatly simplifies the process for you and your company.

Our Auction Process Is Easy & Transparent

Preliminary evaluation

Revere reviews the item(s) to be sold either in photographs or on location. Once reviewed, specialists will provide values for the items in the form of auction estimates, a range of values which helps the client understand what to expect and determine whether an auction is the best method for them. If desired by the corporation, Revere Auctions can additionally provide a formal appraisal.


Once the collection has been evaluated, Revere works with the client to create a consignment agreement, tailoring the reserve price and commission rate to the client’s collection and needs. Once this document is signed, Revere will facilitate drop off or pick up of the items.

Cataloging and Photography

Once the items are in Revere Auctions’ gallery, they are meticulously examined and catalogued, then photographed by a professional photographer from all angles. The level of detail that goes into cataloging your collection ensures that the worth of your items is properly assessed and communicated to collectors around the world over who can only view it online. 


The items are marketed all over the world via online auction marketplaces, art market media, and our own deep database of collectors and dealers. This marketing takes place over four  weeks of online bidding which culminates on auction day, when all bidding platforms are reconciled and a final price and winner emerge. 

Payment and shipping

After the auction, Revere collects payments then coordinates packing and shipping of the item to the shippers. Four weeks after the auction, settlement checks are sent to all consignors.

Art Sale For Fortune 500

A local Fortune 500 company reached out to Revere Auctions for help selling pieces from their fine art collection. Over the course of a few years, Revere assisted this corporation with evaluating and selling their art, while providing discretion and local convenience. The corporation was pleased with the ease of the process and favorable results.

Auctions Are The Best Way For Corporations To Liquidate Collections