Corporate Services

Revere Auctions has serviced Fortune 500 companies, small law firms, and many in between.


Revere Auctions has helped our corporate clients liquidate existing fine art collections during renovations and reorganizations. We have worked with several Fortune 500 companies to help them sell art from their collections. These typically start with a complimentary walk-through assessment of the collection and followed by a formal auction appraisal. Revere can be contracted to handle all aspects of the appraisal, removal, and liquidation process. We can simplify the process by offering a proposal for the selling of the collection and also providing the transportation and packaging of the art objects.


Clients needing support in acquiring quality art from blue chip museum-quality artists or local artists will find the process quite easy with us. We interview the in-house stakeholders and present a series of options that range in both aesthetic and price.


Many times, objects are damaged by incorrect handling, natural forces, or simply time. Revere works with dozens of restorers in all media to provide the perfect blend of quality and value.

If you would like more information about the art liquidation and acquisition services we offer companies in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, please contact us.