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We will globally market items to tens of thousands of collectors to ensure they sell at the best possible price.

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Why Sell with Revere?

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Upload pictures and descriptions of your items and receive a complimentary evaluation with 5-7 days.

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We will send you a consignment contract and can advise you on how best to send your items to us.

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We will globally market items to tens of thousands of collectors to ensure they sell at the best possible price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of consigning with Revere?

Our auctions are marketed to a global audience. Our sales are posted to ALL major art databases and marketing platforms which alerts their hundreds of thousands of collectors with topical alerts. 

Unlike other auction houses, we do not charge any fees on items that pass during an auction. Additionally, we do not charge any fees associated with re-offering your unsold piece.

When we catalog items, we conduct in-depth research on each object. We maintain high photography standards and provide professional condition reports by request so your item is best represented to potential buyers. These standards have afforded Revere one of the best reputations in the business among bidders who know that when they bid, they can do so with confidence from anywhere in the world without seeing the item in person. 

Will an auction generate the most possible revenue?

For rare, hard to price items like most artwork, sculpture, jewelry, and antiques, auctions are almost always the best and fastest way to go. For a more detailed explanation, send in images of your item and we will walk you through it.

What are the fees associated with selling at auction?

Our seller’s commission rates vary based on the value of your item(s). We do not charge extra fees for storage, cataloging, photography, advertising, etc. Additionally, we offer optional insurance coverage for your consignment while it is at our facility. Both the insurance and commission rates are calculated off the hammer price (how much your item sold for) and are deducted from your settlement payout. We do not charge any fees if your item does not sell during our auction.

How do I start the consignment process?

We offer FREE online evaluations to determine your item’s estimated auction value. Starting the process is as simple as sharing photos with us. In order for us to accurately assess your item, we will need any information you have available, such as artist names or manufacturer of the item(s), as this information greatly affects value. You can use our online form or send images to our email address for review and we’ll take it from there!



Text: 612-208-6985 (please note that this phone number can only receive text messages)

Can someone look at the items in person?

Yes! In person appointments may be scheduled at our offices or on-site at your home, though we prefer to get an idea of your collection pre-appointment to ensure we can help sell your items. 

Note: If your collection/estate is too large to photograph, please send a few overall images so we can get a sense of what you may have.

Can I submit multiple items?

Yes! You can share multiple pieces with us by filling out the Evaluation Form or by emailing us. Please make sure to include the artist or manufacturer name(s) for each item.

How should I have an estate evaluated?

With large estates, we like to schedule appointments for the appraisers to view the collection in person. We still like to get an idea of what you have so we can be best prepared for this appointment so it is helpful to have preliminary images provided before scheduling.

*If your collection/estate is too large to photograph each item, please send a few general images so we can get a sense of what you may have.

How will I get my item to you?

Once a contract is signed, you can drop your items off at our offices. If you are local to the Twin Cities metro area, we do offer a transport service. Ask us about scheduling a delivery appointment! If you are too far for either of these options, you may have to ship your consignment. Don’t worry, ask us for details!

Is my item insured while you have it?

Yes, this is an optional service with an added cost.

Our insurance fee is 1.5% of the item’s final sale price. If you choose to have your item covered, we deduct this fee from the final sale price, much like the seller’s commission fee. If you have the item covered under your own insurance, homeowners or private, you can waive ours. If you waive insurance and do not have any of your own to cover the item, your item will not be protected. We aim to take the utmost care of your property while it is in our possession. You can opt out of this service when signing a contract with us, however, by doing so, you are releasing Revere from any and all liability due to theft or damage.

Can I set a reserve or minimum price on my item?

Yes! The reserve is the lowest amount your item can sell for and should be an amount that you’re comfortable with. This amount is decided before you sign the contract to ensure you are satisfied before moving forward with your consignment.

We typically set the opening bid at the reserve.

When will I get paid?

At the conclusion of the auction day, you will get a preliminary settlement report via email. This will go over what your items sold for and what you can expect your payout to be. Settlement checks are mailed out approximately 30 days after the auction.

Will selling at auction affect my taxes?

In short, maybe. 

There are new U.S. Federal tax reporting requirements that are applicable to auction houses as a third party settlement organization. This law went into effect 1/1/2022 and it requires our company to report to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) all individuals who sell over $600 or more in a calendar year through our auction service, as these sales now affect taxable income. Previously, one would need to sell over $20,000 for their income tax to be affected. This law was enacted to close a tax loophole typically used by freelance artists and resellers on eBay, Etsy, Venmo, and other second hand websites, though the language used also includes auction houses. That being said, the government paused this tax implication for the year of 2022, so we are hopeful that the law will be updated to exclude auction houses in the future. Until this is updated, selling your items will affect your income tax. As of right now we are still collecting W-9 per the new tax law. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and compliance with these new requirements.

For more information regarding this federal reporting requirement, click here.

Do I need to worry about shipping after the sale?

No, buyers are responsible for arranging their own shipping.

What if the buyer wants to return their purchase? Will that affect me?

No, we guarantee the information in our catalog so if the buyer takes issue with a purchase and wants a refund after your settlement has been paid out, we remedy the situation without you ever knowing and with no change to your bottom line.

What if my items need restoration?

We work closely with a restorationist that we trust. Please ask us if conservation is right for your item and would increase its value or chances at sale.

I’m an artist. Can I submit items for consignment?

Unfortunately at this time we do not work directly with contemporary artists unless they have a history of selling at auction. Working artists tend to make more with their retail pricing than they would at auction. We recommend reaching out to various galleries and seeing if you can build a market for yourself by working with them.

Have an estate or corporate collection?

We provide comprehensive support to private clients, lawyers, bankers, advisors, family offices, and insurance brokers throughout the process

Exceptional Results

Happy Clients

”A note to express my deepest gratitude for all you did to create such an exceptional overall experience for my Uncle during the process of preparing for and subsequently auctioning his beloved Asian Art collection. 

Most important however was the approach, respect and care your team showed not just for these special objects, but for my Uncle.  His collection represented many years of love, life and investment, holding tremendous value to him far beyond financial.  We both feel you and your team honored and valued this meaning, thank you.

During the process of inventory and object removal, great care was taken by you and your team to communicate transparently and align prior to thoroughly document and carefully pack the items for transport and auction preparation.  This reinforced the confidence already built in you and the team, and it carried through the well-organized and run auction.”

-Barbara R., Minnesota

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