Museum Services

Running a museum successfully from time to time requires the support of an outside commercial enterprise. Revere Auctions provides a comprehensive suite of services when an outside hand is needed; these comprise; deaccession services, appraisal services, and conservation services. If you or your institution needs to give us a call or email to learn more about a typical timeline and cost structure.

Museum Services

Preliminary evaluation

The preferred method for most deaccession activity, public auctions provide a transparent and timely method for museums looking to sell artworks and antiques.

Private Sale

On occasion museums find themselves in possession of goods that are either of very low value or better suited to a sensitive and discreet disposal. Revere has the ability to service all these needs.

Dispersal of Native American Objects

Revere prides itself on having the most thoughtful and forward-thinking stance on the sale and dispersal of Native American objects in the USA. Working with tribes, donors, NGOs, and collectors, Revere strives to make sure owners of objects understand their meaning to the tribes that made them and their value in the market. Revere also provides an important layer of anonymity which allows for a more measured dialogue between all parties.

Revere is the only American auction house with a published ethics policy on this subject.

Auctions Are The Best Way For Museums To Liquidate Collections

Price discovery: The auction format provides quick clarity as to what the market will bear for the value of a collection. Globally, the market uses auctions to define current fair market values. Other methods put this burden on staff which shifts liability internally rather than externally.

Transparency:  When liquidating or deaccessioning objects, making sure that there is clarity on what an item has sold for and what the service provider has been paid is key, auctions create public records that show this information.

Speed: Auctions take place frequently and help resolve expensive storage dilemmas and put cash in the coffers quickly compared to other avenues of sale.

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