Jewelry Terms & Conditions


All types of gemstones may have been improved by some method. 

Colored stones may have been enhanced by various treatments to improve their appearance. These methods are considered common by the international jewelry trade. Treatments may or may not be permanent and may or may not require special care. Unless the catalog description specifically states that the stone is of natural color, it should be assumed that a treatment may have been used. 

All gem material was graded in the mounting. The mountings limit the ability to be exact in the color and clarity grades assigned to these gems. This is reflected in the uses of ranges when describing color and clarity.

All gem material was measured in the mounting unless otherwise noted. Due to the mountings, the measurements may not be exact. These measurements were used when calculating the gem material’s carat weight using industry standard formulas. The carat weight of gem materials is approximate based on these calculations.

Mountings bearing a metal karat or content mark were not tested to verify the metal content.


Watches are not tested for time, while watches may run they may not keep time accurately. 

Watch cases,  bracelets and bands may include after-market alterations. Many timepieces have been repaired in the course of the object’s life and may contain replacement parts. 

Most watches have been opened to determine the type of movement. Due to this, water resistant cases may no longer be waterproof and we recommend they are checked by a competent professional before use.

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