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Revere Auctions provides executors, fiduciaries, and beneficiaries with hands-on support through the estate appraisal, division, settlement, and liquidation processes. The Revere Auctions team has years of experience with estate appraisals to help provide the clarity essential to protecting family relationships through equitable division of personal property.

Consigning Your Estate is Easy & Transparent

Preliminary evaluation

Revere reviews the item(s) to be sold either in photographs or on location. We then provide either an estate appraisal or estimates of value, depending on the needs of the estate. Our professional appraisals provide the beneficiaries a beautifully cataloged report with the values of the objects in the estate, which allows them to fairly distribute the objects among themselves. At this stage, Revere often helps with conservation, shipping, transportation, and packing.


Once the family has taken the objects that appeal to them, Revere provides a seamless and transparent consignment service through which family members can easily sell a collection and have a home ready for market quickly. Revere works with the client to create a consignment agreement, tailoring the reserve price and commission rate to the client’s collection and needs. Once this document is signed, Revere will facilitate drop off or pick up of the items. 

Cataloging and Photography

Once the items are in Revere Auctions’ gallery, they are meticulously catalogued and described, then photographed by a professional photographer from all angles to properly communicate the details of the item to collectors the world over who will not be able to inspect it in person. 


The items are marketed all over the world via online auction marketplaces, art market media, and our own deep database of collectors and dealers. This marketing takes place over four  weeks of online bidding which culminates on auction day, when all bidding platforms are reconciled and a final price and winner emerge. The works will achieve fair market value through competitive bidding between museums, collectors and dealers the world over.

Payment and shipping

After the auction, Revere collects payments then coordinates packing and shipping of the item to the shippers. Four weeks after the auction, settlement checks are mailed to all consignors.

Complex Art Collection Sale

The family of an elderly man who had recently moved into assisted living reached out to Revere Auctions for assistance in liquidating his estate, which included a large collection of valuable Asian art, as well as select works of fine and decorative art, and a significant number of household contents. Revere handled the removal and subsequent storage of the objects, then cataloged, measured, photographed, and posted the collection for auction. Following the auction, Revere Auctions arranged an estate sale for the remaining household objects, making it easy for the family to have the home cleared and ready for sale. The family was grateful that Revere was able to handle all aspects of the difficult task of liquidating their father’s estate, allowing them to focus on other important matters.

Happy Clients

”A note to express my deepest gratitude for all you did to create such an exceptional overall experience for my Uncle during the process of preparing for and subsequently auctioning his beloved Asian Art collection.

Most important however was the approach, respect and care your team showed not just for these special objects, but for my Uncle.  His collection represented many years of love, life and investment, holding tremendous value to him far beyond financial.  We both feel you and your team honored and valued this meaning, thank you.

During the process of inventory and object removal, great care was taken by you and your team to communicate transparently and align prior to thoroughly document and carefully pack the items for transport and auction preparation.  This reinforced the confidence already built in you and the team, and it carried through the well-organized and run auction.”

-Barbara R., Minnesota

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an auction the best way to liquidate an estate?

Auctions are the best way to liquidate high value estates. Auctions provide an easy and transparent way to sell entire estates. Our auctions provide the highest cash value outcomes due to their lack of an upper limit, supported by easy global participation and a large network of collectors, institutions, and dealers constantly monitoring our sales. Auctions also ensure that everything sells and should anything not sell, we will reach out to you to discuss the best options for your item.

I am managing a family estate, where do I start?

First, you should assess the goals for your estate.

  • Do you need an estate appraisal for beneficiary or tax purposes?
  • How quickly do you need to sell the estate?
  • Are you in touch with a lawyer or are you handling the estate without one?
  • Do you know what you would like to keep in the collection?
  • Is the estate in probate?
  • Is there a deadline you need to be out of the home by?

Once you know what your needs are, we can better assist you. Feel free to reach out to us at any point in the process for insight. We are happy to help throughout the entire process.

How should I have an estate evaluated?

For large estates, we like to schedule appointments for the appraisers to view the collection in person. This makes it easier for us to assess a large quantity of items for you. We still like to get an idea of what you have to best prepare for this appointment, so we appreciate having preliminary images before scheduling.  

*If your collection/estate is too large to photograph each item, please send a few general images so we can get a sense of what you may have.

Will you visit my house or should I send photos?

Yes – to both! In person appointments can be scheduled on-site at your home. We still like to get an idea of what you have before making appointments to ensure that we can help you sell your collection.

Note: If your collection/estate is too large to photograph each item, please send a few general images so we can get a sense of what you may have.

I’m not sure if my collection is worth anything. How do I find out?

We offer FREE online evaluations to determine your collection’s estimated auction value. Starting the process is as simple as sharing photos with us. You can use our online form or you can send images to our email address for review and we’ll take it from there! 



In order for us to accurately assess your item, we will need any info you have accessible like artist names or manufacturer of the item(s) as this information greatly affects value.

For large collections or family estates, we like to schedule appointments for the appraisers to view the collection in person. It helps to get an idea of what you have so we can be best prepared for this appointment, so please send us preliminary images before scheduling. If your collection/estate is too large to photograph each item, please send a few general images so we can get a sense of what you may have.

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