Estate Services

Step 1: Appraisal

Revere Auctions provides executors, fiduciaries, and beneficiaries with hands-on support through the estate appraisal, division, settlement, and liquidation processes.

The Revere Auctions team has years of experience with estate appraisals to help provide the clarity essential to protecting family relationships through equitable division of personal property.

Step 2: Division

Our professional appraisals provide the beneficiaries a beautifully catalogued report with the values of the objects in the estate, which allows them to fairly distribute the objects among themselves. At this stage, Revere often helps with conservation, shipping, transportation, and packing.

Step 3: Sale of Unwanted Goods

Once the family has taken the objects that appeal to them, Revere provides a seamless and transparent consignment service through which family members can easily sell a collection and have a home ready for market quickly.

Objects of quality are marketed to collectors all over the world through Revere’s online bidding platforms and large in-house network of buyers. The works will achieve fair market value through competitive bidding between collectors and dealers the world over.

Have Native American Art?

Read our guide to ethical dispersal of Native American objects.

If you would like more information about our estate services we offer in the St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota areas, please contact us