Revere Auctions offers years of experience in authenticating your fine art, antiques, and objects in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. We begin the process by analyzing your object for quality, age, and condition. We also do scholarly and archival research to learn about its provenance and history. In some instances, we will locate and contact the known industry expert on pieces like yours to have them authenticate it for us. We are very familiar with this process and can handle the logistics of it. If your object has the potential of being valuable, make sure the market knows it is authentic before you sell it.

Prints by artists such as Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Alexander Calder, and Andy Warhol were frequently faked, and it is important to have an art authentication specialist examine to determine if they are authentic. Revere Auctions has extensive experience and expertise in determining if prints, paintings, and sculptures by these artists are authentic.

Please send us your items and we will give you an idea of the cost of the project, the methodology and level of certainty that is possible given the current market conditions and scholarship.

Authenticated William Scott Sells for $27,000

In 2018, a local collector brought Revere Auctions a painting she had acquired at a church rummage sale for $20. This work was signed by acclaimed British Modernist William Scott, and was consistent with his work. Revere Auctions’ fine art specialists informed her that without an authentication, works such as this sell for around $2,000, but that it could be worth much more authenticated. Following initial intensive research, Revere worked with the artist’s foundation to have the piece formally authenticated, and it sold at auction for $27,000.

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