For lots with an associated “(Bitcoin Accepted)” descriptor, Revere Auctions will accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. If the lot is not individually labeled as “bitcoin accepted” in the title, the company will not accept payment in the form of Bitcoin for said lot.

No other forms of cryptocurrency will be accepted, and if you wish to pay using a digital coin, you must transfer your holdings into Bitcoin before processing your payment. Revere Auctions still requires that you register individually with the company for the auction, and no payment will be accepted without such registration.

All transactions will be expected to be fulfilled in U.S. Dollars, and any payment via Bitcoin must meet the sell price of the lot in USD. If a transfer of Bitcoin occurs, and the amount received by Revere Auctions does not meet said sell price, Revere Auctions retains the right to withhold the lot until the correct amount has been accounted for. The number of bitcoin is calculated on the day of payment, not the day of the auction against the value of US dollars.