Charles Fazzino

American Artist

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Who is Charles Fazzino? (Prints and Artist Price Guide)

A quick glance at any Charles Fazzino art piece, and you will be stunned by the detail, vibrancy, and color. But just wait until you hear about his process and technique! His ability to capture the movement and energy of a place is truly unparalleled.

Who is Charles Fazzino?

Born in Westchester County, New York, where he still resides today, Charles Fazzino grew up in a highly creative household. His father was a high-end shoe designer, and his mother was a sculptor. From a young age, he was fascinated with pop-up books and three-dimensional movies. As a 7th grader in 1967, he took his first formal art class, followed by a solo exhibition at his school the following year. Much of his artistic inspiration from childhood on came from the lights, color, and buzz of Manhattan, where he would travel by train.

  • Born: December 26, 1955
  • Nationality: American
  • Category: Silkscreen Serigraphs in 3D Pop Art Style

What is the Artist Charles Fazzino Known For?

Fazzino is known for intricate details, bright colors, and a splash of humor in his art. As an artist, Fazzino has created commemorative works for major athletic events, such as the Olympic Games and the Super Bowl. He has even produced artwork for the Grammys and a rotating 3D American Airlines plane for New York City’s JFK International Airport. Charles Fazzino artwork has had a tremendous impact on the art world, and his works can be seen around the globe.

What Art Mediums Does Charles Fazzino Use?

Although primarily known for silk screen printing, Fazzino also uses canvas, mixed media, and various objects in his work and is influenced by urban landscapes, celebrities, and sports events. His three-dimensional process involves using layers of flat cutouts that are silk screened, cut, and glued to create the 3D effect.

3D Pop Art

Charles Fazzino pop art is full of color, richness, and vibrancy. For Charles Fazzino, the 3D art is created using an extensive layering process done by hand. He created 3D limited edition silkscreens to make his art stand out. The shapes and colors are not only inspired by pop culture, but they really pop due to the level of detail with Charles Fazzino’s 3D method.

Acrylic Painting

Fazzino is an artist who is meticulous in his technique and spends time ensuring every detail is just right, which can take up to six months. After all of the printing, cutting, and gluing, embellishments are done by hand with acrylic paint. For added impact, he often uses glitter and crystals on top of the paint.

Where Did Charles Fazzino Study Art?

Fazzino the artist wasn’t always known for bright colors and 3D prints. His early exhibitions were pen and ink sketches. He studied art history at the Parsons School of Design and received his Bachelor of Arts in 1977 at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. It wasn’t until he came across a 3D decoupage class in 1980 that he became fascinated with three-dimensionality and started developing his techniques in 3D lithographs and silk screen printing.

How Much Are Charles Fazzino Prints Worth?

As is true for most artists, Charles Fazzino art prices will vary depending on the medium, edition, and size of the artwork. Strong collaborations with companies such as Disney, as well as licensed products such as clothing and puzzles, have boosted the popularity of the artist and increased Charles Fazzino’s net worth. Charles Fazzino pieces have been sold multiple times at auction with high demand across Europe and the United States. The rising of Fazzino art prices has allowed for a pretty impressive price list for Fazzino.

  • Historical auction sales range: $200-$5,000
  • Average auction estimate for original prints: $200-$4,000
  • Average auction estimate for original paintings: $200-$5,000

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Valuable Charles Fazzino Paintings and Prints

Some of the most notable as far as Charles Fazzino art value goes are the cityscapes and sports-related pieces. Now that you know more about the artist, this should come as no surprise given the personal significance of New York City. Below, we take a deeper look at some of Fazzino’s most valuable pieces.

Charles Fazzino, Big Apple

This sculpture features Fazzino’s classic bright red, shiny apple with some of the most iconic New York City buildings and landmarks.

  • Estimate: $500-$700
  • Result: $1,300

Charles Fazzino, Atlantic City Boardwalk

Atlantic City is a playful take on the boardwalk in the heat of summer and even incorporates some water sports.

  • Estimate: $600-$800
  • Result: $750

Charles Fazzino, Baseball Collection

Fazzino’s baseball-related pieces nod to his love of the sport, with prints that depict a day at the ballpark, such as the piece Yankees; Fazzino has also hand-painted baseballs for teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers.

  • Estimate: $400-$800
  • Result: $700

James Rizzi, Magical Play (1996)

A richly detailed 3D collage print that combines a wide variety of Rizzi’s common subjects including buildings, people, hearts, cars, and animals.

  • Estimate: $1,000
  • Result: $1,150

Charles Fazzino, Broadway Series

This series captures the true vibrant energy of Broadway in pieces such as The Best Ticket on Broadway.

  • Estimate: $800-$1,200
  • Result: $2,200

Charles Fazzino, Cityscape Series

This series includes Chicago, Boston, and Disney, as well as renditions of cities and countries around the globe.

  • Estimate: $300-$500
  • Result: $700

Charles Fazzino, For a Better World

One of his most ambitious releases to date, Fazzino’s For a Better World involved over a year of planning, conveying his vision and message to the world.

  • Estimate: $600-$1,200

Charles Fazzino, Super Bowl Series

As an official artist of Super Bowl LVI, Fazzino has attempted in his Super Bowl Series to capture the energy, thrill, and love of the game.

  • Estimate: $600-$800
  • Result: $950

Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita "A Book of Cats"

Charles Fazzino, Greetings from New York

How to Identify a Charles Fazzino Signature

Charles Fazzino’s signature is almost always in black ink and is in cursive with a distinctive double ‘z.’ You may also notice that his digital signature is bolder and only includes his last name with a flourish underneath. At Revere Auctions, you can rest assured that your Fazzino piece has been authenticated by trusted experts.

How Can I Sell My Charles Fazzino Art?

Whether you have a Fazzino original cityscape, 3D pop art, or a sports object, if you’re looking to sell, there is demand. Choosing the right auction house can make a world of a difference in your selling price and overall experience, so be sure to do your research ahead of time. Find an auction house that has a dedicated team of art appraisers and will provide documentation with your appraisal.

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