3 Sterling Silver Indian Water Vessels

Group of three sterling silver Indian water vessels including two surai aftaba pitchers and one surahi water flask. One surahi and one surai aftaba are a matching pair. Each with floral repousse decoration along the body and elegant tapered necks. All marked along the underside 925 and HMR. Provenance: From the Estate of Horst Rechelbacher, Osceola, Wisconsin. Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients, was a pioneer in the field of safe and eco-friendly cosmetics. The same curiosity that led him to explore ways to improve the beauty industry led him to travel the world, collecting rare and beautiful objects as he went. This sale features selections from that lifetime of eclectic and inspired collecting, including furniture by Carlo Bugatti, Gabriel Viardot, and Josef Hoffman; artworks by artists ranging from Old Masters to Salvador Dali to Arman; an impressive collection of Indian sculptures; and much more. Be sure to explore our timed-only online auction of other fascinating objects from this collection that will be posted in mid-August. Height ranges from 11 1/2 in to 14 in; width ranges from 5 1/4 in to 9 1/2 in; depth ranges from 5 1/4 in to 7 in. Gross weight of sterling: 111.11 Troy oz.