3 Tom Seghi Pear Paintings – Red, Green, Yellow

Tom Seghi (American, 1942-2011). Group of three oil on canvas photorealistic paintings depicting pears; one yellow, one red, and one green. Each signed, dated, 1996, and inscribed along the verso. Seghi began his career with wide, sweeping landscapes depicting the prairies and rural landscapes surrounding the Mississippi River in which he had grown up. After moving to Miami, he was soon swept up by his new environment and his work shifted to abstract and whimsical imagery. By the mid-90’s these abstracted works had transformed into a fixation with fruits. As he described it, “My paintings became truly automatic…I became temporarily suspended, like a witness to the event of painting…Each new painting of an apple or pear stirs up new challenges that I see no way out of except to do another and another.” Pears, such as the three works offered here, became a staple of his oeuvre and highly coveted by collectors. Each; height: 30 in x width: 24 in.