Group of 5 Vintage Pocket and Wrist Watches

Group of five watches: four pocket watches and one wrist watch. Including: One 14k white gold Hamilton ladies wrist watch. Surrounded by a crown of diamonds with a pyramid of diamond accents along either side. One American Waltham Watch Co. pocket watch. Serial number 11530243. Stamped “Ore Silver” along the interior of the backing. One pocket watch marked “Locking Billings” marked “Silverode” along the interior of the backing. Serial number 164816. One Hamilton 18k gold filled pocket watch. Serial number 2606679. One Elgin gold plated pocket watch. Serial number 16690346. (Pocket Watches) Case Diameter ranges from 49.74 mm to 55.7 mm. (Wristwatch) case diameter: 19.35 mm x band width: 6.54 mm x length: 6 3/4 in. Gross weight of lot: 466.20 g.