St. John Polychrome 16th c. Carving

A parcel-gilt Elizabethan polychrome wooden carved figure of Saint John the Evangelist, possibly German or English, likely carved between the late 15th and early 17th century. His clothing is decorated with cherub heads and dragon rosettes. The scroll across his lap is inscribed with verse one of the Gospel of John in Latin, “in prinipio erat [verbum]; in the beginning was [the word].” At his feet is an eagle, a common attribute of St. John. The book he is reading is resting on a triangular lectern, common throughout the late medieval and Renaissance period from the 14th-15th centuries in Northern Europe. The carving has been radiocarbon dated between 1489-1639 with a peak date of between 1550-1594. Height: 20 in x width: 14 in x depth: 5 in.