Tim Harding “Prayer Coat” Fiber Wall Hanging

Tim Harding (born Houston, Texas, 1950). Silk fiber arts wall hanging titled “Prayer Coat,” 2005. Tim Harding is an internationally known and Minnesota-based artist specializing in a self-developed applique technique that involves cutting, ripping, tearing, and slashing silk. Harding is known for his painterly approach to fabric and is part of a larger American phenomenon that began in the 1960s of pushing the limits and expressive possibilities of textile-based forms and that emerged from craft-intensive education in the United States during the post-WWII period. The M’s Harding kimono (“Koi,” 1991) was included in the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s “Off the Wall: American Art to Wear” exhibition (2019- –2020), and the related publication. “Prayer Coat” was commissioned by Bethesda Hospital as a vessel for holding the prayers of patients and their loved ones. Height: 52 in x width: 50 in.