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Selling at Auction Is The Best Way To Get Top Dollar

Valuing Artwork is Difficult

Getting a straight answer for what your item is worth is difficult enough, but turning that answer into actual cash can be exhausting. Then, when it’s all said and done, how are you sure you got a good deal?

Getting An Appraisal Is Frustrating

Going out and getting a few offers can be easy but at the end of the day it often feels like people are lowballing you and prices on other websites show items for sale at massive prices which feel impossible to achieve.

Finding True Value

Our auction estimate system helps you understand what the market will value your artwork at and what we can quickly sell it for. We only get paid a percent of what we get for you at a globally marketed auction viewed by tens of thousands of people so our incentives are aligned. We win together.

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Our dedicated team will guide you throughout the entire process. We provide comprehensive logistical support.

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We use innovative marketing techniques to make sure your items fetch top dollar. We have gotten world record results for many items.

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We have no hidden fees and pay quickly after the auction.

150+ 5 Star Reviews

Highland Park, IL

“Revere is a pleasure to do business with. Very responsive and helpful both before and after the sale. I look forward to bidding on future auctions.“

San Antonio, Tx

“What an amazing team! I highly recommend Revere auction gallery to anyone! The team is very professional but with a personal touch. I am and remain very impressed and satisfied with the over the top service I received at Revere Auction[s] gallery. I’m definitely a life-long customer now!“

Bethesda, MD

Finally, your search for a good auction house is over!!! I had a wonderful experience. The piece was exactly as they described in their catalog. Very happy client.”

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