16 Sterling Silver Trays & Dishes 34.09 ozt

Group of 16 sterling silver trays including: a set of six Gorham “Windsor” pattern miniature trays or dishes, one larger Gorham “Windsor” tray, a pair of Black, Starr, & Gorham miniature trays or dishes monogrammed HVK, one Webster trivet with a glass insert, one Woodside Sterling Co. low tazza, one Wallace trophy tray, one International Silver Co. dish, one Lunt from Early Dublin Design petal-form dish, one low sterling dish with etched scrollwork and floral designs, one sterling insert with illegible marks. All marked along the underside or sides. Height ranges from 1/4 in to 1 1/2 in; width ranges from 2 in to 9 in; depth ranges from 2 3/4 in to 9 in. Gross weight (not including 1 sterling object with glass) 34.09 Troy oz.